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Have You Ever Wondered What "QR" in "QR Codes" Means?

It simply stands for "quick response".

Written by Yaanin Chan

Barcodes vs QR Codes

Important Dates

Barcodes was invented in the 1940s and patented in 1952; while QR Codes were developed in 1994.

Photo by Kampus Production

Difference in Shapes

It is believed that QR codes are increasingly replacing barcodes. QR codes carry much more data than barcodes because it is both vertical and horizontal. Hundreds of times more data can be stored in it than barcodes which is only horizontal with a series of variable-width lines and spaces to encode data.


About Yaanin Chan

Yaanin Chan is a co-founder of a co-working space, who also runs an online dried flower shop. She enjoys working as a digital marketer for both businesses.

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